Camp Kairos Rules

Camp Kairos Rules & Policies
1. Medications: All medication must be given to the nurse.
a. If a camper needs to go to the hospital for any reason, he/she cannot return to camp and must be picked up at hospital by parent or guardian.
2. Keep all flammable materials away from heaters.
3. No drugs or alcohol allowed on premises.
4. No fireworks of any kind on campground.
5. Acts of physical are prohibited; this includes fighting, punching or kicking.
6. Verbal abuse and bullying are also prohibited.
a. a danger to others of themselves.
7. Boys’ cabins are off limit to girls and girls cabins are off limits to boys.
8. Dress code: No bare mid drifts, straps must be at least 2 finger widths, shorts must pass the fingertip rule, clothes must cover all undergarments, and pants cannot sag below hips.
9. Public displays of affection are not allowed.
10. No pranks allowed. No exceptions.
11. Be where you are supposed to be according to the camp schedule.
12. Pool: Absolutely no one in pool area without a certified lifeguard. Even with a lifeguard there must be adequate additional supervision on scene. .
13. No wandering off into woods
14. Electronic Equipment:
a. Please keep all electronics at home, there is no cell service at the campground.
b. Use of electronics will be discouraged or prohibited dependent upon directors, as we want the campers to disengage from the electronic world and engage in their surroundings and the people around them.
14. Visitors not permitted unless prior approval given by director.
15. Photos and/or Videos will be taken throughout the camp and may be posted online for promotional purposes

A disregard for these rules is grounds for expulsion without refund, for campers and staff, and is dependent upon circumstances.