Packing List And Information

Drop Off  / Pickup Procedure
Check-in time for all camps is 3:00pm.  Please do not drop off campers early.
There will be a place to drop off campers and luggage at the camp ground.  Please do not leave your vehicle unattended while unloading at the camp ground.   If you need to park after unloading, please remember that parking is restricted to the parking lot
Pickup time for all camps is 10:00am .  Please arrive on time for camper pickup as other camps may be scheduled to start the same day.

If your child is staying for multiple camps, there will not be anyone available at the camp ground to watch over your child, so you will need to make arrangements for the time when one camp ends and the other camp starts.

Things to Bring
The following is a list of recommended items to bring to camp. Make sure that you label all of your camper’s clothing and items.   Camp Kairos is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Packing List
Swimsuit – for summer camps
Sleeping bag and pillow
Jacket for cool evenings
Towel and toiletries
Flashlight and batteries
Sunscreen and bug repellent
Camp appropriate clothes
Money for Canteen
Winter Coat, Gloves & Boots for Winter Retreat.

Things Not To Bring
Illegal Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco
Valuable Items
Cell Phones – There is no coverage at the campground.

Canteen / Camper Food
There is a canteen that opens a couple times during the day where campers have the option to purchase drinks and snacks.     It is Camp Kairos tradition that on the last day of camp, there is no limit to what can be purchased. If you do not want your camper to purchase lots of candy, please budget accordingly. Our staff is not responsible to limit their spending on the last day of camp.    Please do not send perishable food items with your camper.

Lost and Found
Please label all of your campers clothing items. We cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen possessions. Please do not bring items of value to camp.
Lost and Found is shown before campers leave on the last day of camp.
All items unclaimed will be donated to a local thrift store.

Food Service
All meals at Camp Kairos are served Family Style. Our kid friendly meals are served with a balanced diet in mind.  If your camper has any dietary restrictions, please inform us and we will discuss some potential options. We may ask that you provide substitutions to compliment your camper’s nutritional needs.
Please do not send or drop off any perishable or items that need refrigeration, we do not have a place to store them.

All medications need to be checked into the Health Aid on Opening Day. Each camper will be notified daily to take their medications. Counselors will be notified of each of their campers medications and allergies. Medications must be in the original prescription bottle; medications in baggies or other containers will not be accepted.

Phoning or Visiting
We are fully conscious of our great responsibility to care for your camper. In the case of any emergency, either physical or otherwise, you will be notified promptly. Consequently, we do not allow personal phone calls, either incoming or outgoing, or personal visitation during the camp session due to the interruption to the schedule and the effect on camper morale. If a serious concern arises, you may contact the camp director to discuss the situation.

Inappropriate Behavior
Camp Kairos reserves the right to send campers home for inappropriate behavior at the parent(s) or guardian(s) cost, and without refund. The safety and security of our guests is always of the highest priority.